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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #24
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Feb-19-15, 04:56 PM (EDT)
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9. "RE: OWaW 5"
In response to message #8
   >to be honest, I personally had a lot more trouble with the beamriding
>part of it, as my brain seems to keep insisting that the beam was
>actually providing more steering than just "hold the signal at bearing
>x azimuth y". Most likely assuming facts not actually in evidence

Well, no, it seems like your brain was probably right. The real Knickebein was just a navigational aid, providing information that the aircraft's pilot would then act upon, but in this implementation it's doing rather more. There will be a much more detailed analysis of how Operation Grass-Snake worked (and what it was meant to accomplish) in episode 07, next week.

>From her appearance last week, and on to now. I have to
>wonder if shes a DC of one (or more) of Martin "PC Hammmer" Rose's

You do realize his name isn't actually Hammer, right? :)

Anyway, no, she's not (as far as one knows) related to either of them; she's the local equivalent of Hans von Hammer from the old Enemy Ace feature in DC's Our Army at War comics, and she looks like Me 109 from Fly Girls because the animators were having a little joke. :)

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