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Apr-27-13, 11:41 PM (EST)
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"The Doctor Is In"
   (no, not that Doctor)

So, as some of you may recall, our own Pearson "Doc" Mui is an intrepid hunter of commissioned artworks, particularly during con season, and the Moy brothers (no relation) are more or less our go-to guys for many of those. They've done some very fine work for us over the years, most of which can be found over on the Symphony of the Sword commissioned art page and/or scattered around the Forum.

Well, today was Day 2 of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, and our man Doc was on the scene as ever. This time I armed him with an artwork spec I was concerned might be a little too fiddly for the purpose - it seemed very simple when I started writing it down, but by the time I was finished I realized how crazily detailed it was and wasn't sure whether anybody would be willing to take it on in a con-commission setting.

But Phil Moy [N.B. who is not the same person as Phil Moyer, remember] did, and boy howdy.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to:

Fig. 1 Commander Anthy R. Tenjou MD FRS IPSFR - ship's surgeon, IPS Valiant (NCC-06041). High Priestess of the Cephirean Free and Beneficent Church of the World-Engineer; Duelist of the Order of the Rose; recognized authority on battlefield medicine; pâtissière; paranormal investigator. Quite possibly the only genuine witch doctor serving in any major 25th-century space navy. Just relax. Everything's going to be fine.

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