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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #495
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Jun-22-15, 01:12 PM (EDT)
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16. "RE: TFLF 9"
In response to message #15
   >>(Next to Western Imperial, the Republic's flag carrier,
>>imaginatively named United Republic Airlines, is widely regarded as
>>B-list, though not in a risky or shady way; it's just not as nice.)
>"Five sky bison of five for timeliness and efficiency, four of five
>for comfort of seating, three of five for the in-flight meal. Next
>time I'm not having the fish."

Oh, heh, that reminds me, I should probably clarify: Nomad Air uses actual airliners, they don't ferry giant groups of paying customers around alfresco on sky bison (although that is probably a popular tourism service, like those helicopter and/or blimp flights that you can get in some cities). Early in the history of Dìqiú aviation (shortly after the canon), a subculture of Air Commonwealth citizens with an interest in muggle flight technology developed, and they and various foreign friends and suppliers (not least the great Asami Sato, who is almost always referred to by all four words in the 3rd century :) didn't take long to determine that Air Nomads' instincts for three-dimensional movement and aerodynamics made them well-suited to operate conventional aircraft as well as those powered by airbending. The airline was formally established in 202 ASC, in part by a few prominent veterans of the Project Phoenix Flight support organization.

Little history lesson for the day.

Speaking of Phoenix Flight, I know you guys haven't heard much about CTCS lately, but don't fret - the text is largely in place, now we're working on the "making the whole package awesome" part, in amongst all the other stuff we're cooking up at the same time. Project not, I repeat, in no way abandoned. :)
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