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Conferences Symphony of the Sword/The Order of the Rose Topic #499
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Jul-31-15, 07:47 AM (EDT)
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14. "RE: (teaser) The Upcoming Thing"
In response to message #8
   LAST EDITED ON Jul-31-15 AT 07:49 AM (EDT)
>The KanColle anime requires a certain amount of just not giving
>a shit about the details. For that matter, the game itself does as
>well, but it gets around it more gracefully by just ignoring them.
>The game, because of the way it's configured, can get away with just
>leaving the great bulk of what the hell is actually going on mostly to
>the player's imagination. This, and Kadokawa's freeform approach to
>supplementary media generally (they've officially acknowledged a
>number of different dōjinshi with completely different takes on
>how anything actually works), has led to a situation where there
>really kind of isn't a canon beyond what little is in the game
>itself. Which is sort of irritating and handy at the same time for
>the likes of me. :)

Indeed! Of course, I'm the kind of person that needs a little more explanation than that, I admit. I -can- watch it but it goes against my grain to turn my brain off, I suppose. I'm spoiled that way. =)

>I think there's an element of that, but it seems to be partly
>practicality (it's hard to operate a Striker Unit with trousers on,
>though Adolfine Galland manages it) and partly cultural (in a couple
>of instances, non-military witches and retired combat witches are
>shown in similar states of {un}dress). It's never explained in any
>detail, but from context it seems like it's just a witch thing.
> Nobody remarks upon it on the infrequent occasions when the witches
>are out and about among civilians (for instance, in the episode where
>Lucchini, Yoshika, and Shirley go shopping in Rome).

Hm. Well, making it a cultural norm makes it a good deal more palatable to me, I think. Kind of interesting introspection on my part. Huh.

>Speaking of the Fusō forces, some witches do wear (very short)
>skirts; Imperial Fusō Army witches like
>Tomoko Anabuki, of whom Yoshika owns a costume doll, wear a sort of
>abbreviated miko outfit similar to that sported by the
>Kongō class in KanColle, with a
>hakama-themed miniskirt.

I -adore- that outfit. Wonder if the miko in Fuso wear that all the time.

(edit: removed link to correct glitch)
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