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Conferences Symphony of the Sword/The Order of the Rose Topic #499
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8. "RE: (teaser) The Upcoming Thing"
In response to message #7
   >I haven't seen more than, like, the first episode of KanColle. The
>initial intro you already referred to (Hi, this is the set of
>assumptions we're making about the universe, and screw the reasons
>why) rather made me cringe dramatically.

The KanColle anime requires a certain amount of just not giving a shit about the details. For that matter, the game itself does as well, but it gets around it more gracefully by just ignoring them. The game, because of the way it's configured, can get away with just leaving the great bulk of what the hell is actually going on mostly to the player's imagination. This, and Kadokawa's freeform approach to supplementary media generally (they've officially acknowledged a number of different dōjinshi with completely different takes on how anything actually works), has led to a situation where there really kind of isn't a canon beyond what little is in the game itself. Which is sort of irritating and handy at the same time for the likes of me. :)

>Aaaaaah, see, I didn't know this. Learn something new every day. I
>thought it was being allowed because the witches -wanted- it, ie. it
>was sort of an ultimatum on the first fighting witches' part, a 'do it
>our way or keep losing cities, since we're throwing our lives away for

I think there's an element of that, but it seems to be partly practicality (it's hard to operate a Striker Unit with trousers on, though Adolfine Galland manages it) and partly cultural (in a couple of instances, non-military witches and retired combat witches are shown in similar states of {un}dress). It's never explained in any detail, but from context it seems like it's just a witch thing. Nobody remarks upon it on the infrequent occasions when the witches are out and about among civilians (for instance, in the episode where Lucchini, Yoshika, and Shirley go shopping in Rome).

>This actually puts Yoshika in context, come to think of it.
>Every uniform we see is either panties or tights, but doesn't she wear
>a school uniform swimming outfit?

That's the way the Imperial Fusō Navy rolls; Mio's uniform similarly teams a naval officer's jacket with an old-fashioned school swimsuit, as does Junko Takei's when she has her cameo early in season 2. Yoshika's has the sailor blouse instead because she's not an officer (which is why in OWaW, where she is an officer, she dresses like Mio instead).

(In the first episode of season 1, before Yoshika joins the Navy, they show her entire class in junior high dressed the same as she is, but I suspect that was just the animators being lazy.)

Speaking of the Fusō forces, some witches do wear (very short) skirts; Imperial Fusō Army witches like Tomoko Anabuki, of whom Yoshika owns a costume doll, wear a sort of abbreviated miko outfit similar to that sported by the Kongō class in KanColle, with a hakama-themed miniskirt.

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