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Conferences Symphony of the Sword/The Order of the Rose Topic #499
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Jul-28-15, 03:57 PM (EDT)
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7. "RE: (teaser) The Upcoming Thing"
In response to message #6
   >>Pff. They'll attack no matter what Corwin says
>Well, in fairness(?), quite apart from the disturbance he just caused
>within a few miles of a major military base, Corwin is still
>wanted in the Earth Alliance in connection with aforementioned
>previous Valiant exploits. So if he called them up and
>announced his presence, yeah, they would be inclined to go
>after him regardless. It would be the equivalent of going on their
>in-game chat channel and typing COME AT ME BRO.* :)

Heh. At this point if I were an Earthforce commander I'd be getting suspicious. 'What is Corwin distracting us from?'

>>I'd wonder what the hell is going on too if something like that happened
>>13 knots off a major military base.
>n.b. "knot" is a unit of speed. "Nautical mile" is the
>associated unit of distance (one knot is one nautical mile per hour).
>The phonetic similarity is a coincidence; "knot" originates from a
>method of measuring the speed of a sailing ship that involved a
>literal rope with literal knots in it. :)

Bah, shows how much I know. Ah, well.

>>OWAW has gotten me to start watching Strike
again, and now, heavens help me, I've been looking up
>>KanColle characters. The stories here have been fantastic; I
>>like them 100 times better than the original material. =)
>I'm flattered, though personally I think the original Strike
gets a bit of an unfair kicking in that comparison, apart
>from its treatment of Mio. :)

I haven't seen more than, like, the first episode of KanColle. The initial intro you already referred to (Hi, this is the set of assumptions we're making about the universe, and screw the reasons why) rather made me cringe dramatically.

>>I'm just half afraid I'll show up to work in a dress shirt and panties
>>one day.
>>"Shouldn't you be wearing pants?"
>>"I am. Well, pantsu, anyway."

>Heh - that's actually one of the running jokes of the Strike
metacanon. In-story, when discussing what are
>obviously panties, they almost always use the word for
>"trousers" (zubon) instead. The implication is that it's a bit
>of official nomenclature, a bit of rules lawyering by the armed forces
>so that witches aren't constantly getting dinged for out-of-uniform.
>It's even lampshaded sometimes in secondary materials as a
>psychological dodge the witches themselves use to make themselves
>comfortable with the arrangement (which is where the general fandom
>tagline, often used and repurposed in various parodical contexts,
>comes from: "they're not panties, so it's not embarrassing.")

Aaaaaah, see, I didn't know this. Learn something new every day. I thought it was being allowed because the witches -wanted- it, ie. it was sort of an ultimatum on the first fighting witches' part, a 'do it our way or keep losing cities, since we're throwing our lives away for you'. This actually puts Yoshika in context, come to think of it. Every uniform we see is either panties or tights, but doesn't she wear a school uniform swimming outfit?



Fearless creatures, we all learn to fight the Reaper
Can't defeat Her, so instead I'll have to be Her

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