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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #5
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15. "RE: A Witch of War"
In response to message #14
   >>>...not even WWII era Soviet would issue a man with ammo for a weapon
>>>he did not carry while he DID have another weapon. Ammo with NO gun,
>>>yes. Ammo with OTHER gun...no.
>>Comrade Commissar Ivanovich is just trying to clean up the mess left
>>behind by Comrade Commissar Aleksandrovich, on the previous watch.
>>Comrade Commissar Aleksandrovich, it is well known, cannot tell his
>>ass from his elbow, let alone two different types of ammunition.
>Comrade Commissar Aleksandrovitch has gotten drunk on water stored in
>a vodka bottle.

And, of course, the reason that Comrade Commissar Aleksandrovitch is drunk is because he couldn't read Comrade Quartermaster Petrov's terrible handwriting or make sense of his system of organization, which is byzantine and confusing, with secrets known only to those initiated into the mysteries of the Quartermaster Corps. Level-headed, sober souls have gone stark raving mad trying to make sense of it. Only souls with the cunning and knack for back-alley dealing that borders on - dare I say it? - capitalism can truly know how the Quartermasters organize things. And, in fact, it is Petrov's fault that the rifle bullets were issued with the submachinegun in the first place. Not that you'd ever get Comrade Quartermaster Petrov to admit it, and if you value extra socks and soft lavatory paper, you'll keep your mouth shut about the whole thing.

Ebony the Black Dragon

"Life is like an anole. Sometimes it's green. Sometimes it's brown. But it's always a small Caribbean lizard."

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