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3. "RE: A Witch of War"
In response to message #2
   Yes, yes it is.

Sanya carries it all well, which someone who knows about her should expect. Some things stick out.

- The winter coat, fuzzy mittens and scarf. Given the known endurance and environmental protections of a Strike witch, that she has these indicates action in a Severe arctic environment. Or just being stationed somewhere experiencing a Orussian winter.

- the degree of loadout indicates either the expectation of extensive combat Real Soon but not Now - or else that she is in the process of moving base and taking as much kit with her at the time as is prudent, given the possibility the place she is leaving may not be there to go back to, which seems more likely.

-The fuzzy mittens are not standard kit (A bit too fuzzy for ease of use). The scarf, however, may be.

-The expression on her face is far more irate than Sanya's norm even in combat. This seems likely to be a picture from before the formation of her current unit, which would explain many of the details; It would also imply a pretty harsh winter campaign against the invading Neuroi forces in Orussia, with bases falling right and left and witches packing up every last bit of ordinance they can carry.

This is, of course, nearly baseless speculation, but...really fits well with the mythlogy of her character. It would give some other personel who might learn of such campaigns cause to think this explains Sanya's generally even temperment.

They're wrong, of course - Sanya does know that no matter how bad it is now, it could also be freezing cold, but that goes without saying, and if it were, well, she wouldn't be complaining /then/ either.

Not lost, just touring

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