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Mar-25-16, 09:14 PM (EDT)
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4. "RE: A Witch of War"
In response to message #3
   LAST EDITED ON Apr-28-17 AT 04:56 AM (EDT)
>no matter how bad it
>is now, it could also be freezing cold, but that goes without saying,
>and if it were, well, she wouldn't be complaining /then/ either.

How very, very (O)russian.

EDIT: and now that I've been drawn back here, a year later (and change) by seeing this linked again, the bit where she's carrying two revolvers vaguely reminds me of the very early MAD parody of Captain Marvel Marbles, whose altered magic word ("SHAZOOM!") includes:

Ox, power of;
Ox, power of (another).

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