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Nov-06-11, 02:39 PM (EDT)
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"The Torch of Victory, revisited"
   Since the original version of Jen Rossum is now free to be a hero in her own right, and since they just added a new server anyway, I've repurposed the name "Torch of Victory" for a new character over there who has nothing to do with Jen. (The fire-blasting Jen-based version still exists over on Virtue. Maybe they'll team up in a story sometime.)


Name: The Torch of Victory
Archetype: Scrapper
Origin: Natural
Primary: Martial Arts
Secondary: Willpower
Travel: Flight
Ancillary: Blaze Mastery
Favorite flypose: 2
Likes: Punching evil in the middle of its face, exploration, dim sum
Dislikes: The Lost City of Oranbega, zombie vomit, people thinking that Captain Castillo is her archenemy
Particularly enjoys punching: Arachnos Wolf Spiders
In the: Junk

"It's not that I'm fearless. I'm just stronger than fear."

Notes: Rachael "Ricki" Tregaskis, better known as the Torch of Victory, used to be Captain Neutrino's flame-throwing sidekick. Stripped of all but a faint echo of her mutant command of flame by an Arachnos experiment, but incredibly stubborn, she found herself only reaffirmed in her heroic vocation by this misfortune. She learned to punch villains instead of throwing fire at them, and discovered to her surprise and delight that, though harder work, this approach is somehow more personally rewarding.

Yes, that means I had her ancillary pool picked out at level 1. She's named, by the way, for the late Richard Tregaskis, an American war correspondent and author whose most famous book is his World War II memoir, Guadalcanal Diary. Tregaskis also wrote a novel based on his WWII experiences, Stronger than Fear, whence comes Torchy's motto.

Current standard costume assortment:

Halloween 2011 special costume assortment:

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