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7. "RE: SSSS.Gridman"
In response to message #6
   >>(In Japan, junior high is
>>grades 7-9, senior high is 10-12, as opposed to {6|7}-8 / 9-12 split
>>more typical here in the US.)
>Oddly enough, when I went to school in this county back in the dark
>ages (Class of 85), they had elementary (1-4), middle school (5 & 6),
>junior high (7-9) and senior high (10-12).

Here in Maine at around the same time (I graduated from high school in 1991), most school districts including Millinocket's had K-5 elementary schools, a middle school for grades 6-8, and high school was 9-12. There were a few places around the state in the '80s, one of which I remember visiting as a member of the George W. Stearns High School stage band, that had K-6 elementary schools, plus a 7-8/9-12 junior/senior high school in a single building.

To save facilities cost in the face of cratering enrollment, Millinocket has gone to that model in recent years (having closed two of its elementary schools and added grade 6 to the remaining one), although they still call the 7-8 school "Millinocket Middle School", even though the whole thing is properly Stearns Jr.-Sr. High now.

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