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Aug-17-14, 01:01 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: song of the day, 2014.08.16"
In response to message #2
   Speaking of which,

>>You gotta figure Korra learned how to play an instrument as well,
>>because I can't see the White Lotus not trying to pour as much
>>culture as possible into her head
>Still, if it was the erhu, that's at least a stringed
>instrument, so when rock 'n roll came to Dìqiú and
>brought the Fender Stratocaster with it, she wouldn't quite
>have been starting from zero. :)

I found Korra's guitar.

Obviously it was originally a two-tone Sunburst, but somebody painted it Korra blue... a long time ago. I imagine when rock 'n roll instruments first came to Dìqiú, 80-some years before Try Again, you had to take pretty much what you could find. Custom orders and local production came later.

"Oh hey! You found my guitar! Where was it?" "The attic." "What the - I'm sure I looked there." "They do that..."
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