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Conferences Our Witches at War/Gallian Gothic Topic #84
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Sep-21-20, 01:17 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: btw"
In response to message #6
>Oh, I've always been a night person, but it is true that, particularly
>in the first surge of this project, for a while there it seemed like
>nothing wanted to get written except at around the time of night it
>would have been happening.
>Right now the situation is even more unstable than usual owing to the
>fact that I'm on the downslope of a steroid-burst-and-taper to treat
>an MS flareup, and prednisone is many things, but a sleep aid is not
>one of them. For instance, I just spent the last... what... 10 hours
>or so in bed, and I think I was actually asleep for maybe two? And
>not all in one bloc. :/

Insomnia: the prize fight where you lose if you don't get knocked out. I now expect some period of time where you replicate, roughly, the scene from the Core stories where visitors disturbing your sleep are threatened with summary disintegration (though I suppose IRL the closest analog would be perforation instead.) Hopefully it comes soon, I'm not sure if the creative process is helped by sleep-deprivation-induced vision quests.

"Probably a bonus to creativity, but a massive reduction in coherence."

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