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   A lot of this is Wedge's fault, at least indirectly. Except for the name of the Covenant ship, that's directly his fault. And the second Halsey quote.

Oddly, I think there are more spoilers here for the Halo universe than for Portal. There aren't any at all for Portal 2.

(And yes, she's still another character who's become Non-Canonically Salusian in the process of UF importation.)

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Babylon Project Galactic Database
Text Data Extraction Search: Royal Salusian Navy Personnel Files
Personnel Data: spartan 149

Full name: Chell-149
Species: Salusian
Date of birth: Unknown (early 21st century)
Place of birth: Unknown (somewhere in the Salusian Empire)
Height: 6'
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black
Adjusted Wolfe-DeKok Intelligence Index: 106

Command: SPARTAN Applications Development Group (NAVSPECWARDEVGRU 99)
Grade: Senior Chief Petty Officer
Rating: Machinist's Mate
Other special qualifications/certifications:

- Royal Salusian Armed Forces heavy, jump, and special infantry training
- RSAF Combat Engineer
- RSAF Combat Driver, Grade 1A
- RSAF Sniper
- RSAF Close Combat Expert
- RSAF Powered Armor Combat Operations Master Rating
- RSAF Cyborg Combat Operations Master Rating
- RSAF Armor Technician
- RSAF Weapons Technician
- RSAF Technical Equipment Test and Evaluation Specialist
- RSAF Survival Medal with Palm Cluster

Status: Missing in action
Date lost: June 27, 2175
Place lost: Covenant Science Vessel Recursive Lament, Heskemyr sector

Description: When last seen, SPARTAN-149 was a humanized Salusian woman who appeared to be approximately 50 Standard years of age. She was tall and athletic, with dark hair she customarily wore drawn back in a Navy-reg ponytail, and customarily adopted a studiously neutral to slightly sullen expression. The scars from her SPARTAN-II surgical enhancement procedures were evident on her limbs. She did not commonly wear all of her SPARTAN-issue MJOLNIR Mk V armor, preferring instead a pair of MJOLNIR-V-a3 Surface Combat Variant Gravitic Mitigation Boots and a Matériel Evaluation Command coverall.

N.B. Like all SPARTAN-IIs, she was heavier than her appearance suggested because of the bone reinforcement, muscle density, and other cybernetic treatments she received as part of the enhancement program.

Notes: SPARTAN-149, also known as Chell, is unique among the 150 subjects selected for enhancement under the 21st-century Royal Salusian Navy's SPARTAN-II super-soldier program. She was the only one of the SPARTAN-II "recruits" to have any idea what was happening to her when she was abducted by the project's Acquisition Team's, the only one not to resist, and, paradoxically, the only one never to fully accept her fate as one of the Empire's experimentally enhanced conscripts.

Unlike all the other SPARTAN-II conscripts, who were either secretly replaced with flash clones or had no families to begin with, Chell was deliberately given to the project by her parents, who were apparently affiliated in some way with the Naval Special Warfare Development Command (NAVSPECWARDEVCOM) under which the project was carried out. Exactly who they were and what their affiliation with SPECWARDEVCOM was is no longer known, since the early SPARTAN-II personnel records were lost in the 23rd century.

Well aware of her unique circumstances and possessing some inkling of what the project was about, young Chell gave the appearance of acclimating faster than any of the other "recruits", accepting the hardships of training and the project's brutal, experimental enhancement processes without complaint. She took no part in some of the other subjects' attempts at rebellion, holding herself aloof from the politics of the outfit, and passed the entire time as a cipher to her fellow test subjects as much as the scientists, engineers and soldiers overseeing the project. (Later, other SPARTANs would claim that they had never heard her speak until the Battle of Reach, and that they had assumed she'd been rendered mute by trauma.) After decades of training and enhancement, she was one of the 33 survivors to make it all the way through the process and become full-fledged SPARTAN-II super-soldiers.

It was not until Chell became an operational SPARTAN that the project's director, Dr. K'athryyn Halsey, realized that SPARTAN-149 had rebelled against indoctrination, in the most complete and successful way of any of them. Chell never raised a hand against her trainers, never strayed outside the parameters of an operation - in short, never failed to do anything that was expected of her - but she never bought into the mythology. As Halsey phrased it in her report to the Admiralty, "149 never drank the Kool-Aid." She did precisely what was required and nothing more. Chell's strategy was simply to survive, keep moving, and eventually outlast her abductors and their political backing - however long it took.

It was Halsey's recognition of Chell's overwhelming stubbornness that led to the silent SPARTAN's primary assignment. One of the SPARTANs was needed to participate in the Naval Matériel Evaluation Command's development and testing of special equipment intended for use by the super-soldiers. This test subject would have to work closely with the NAVMATEVALCOM central machine intelligence, codenamed GLaDOS - a system known to be extremely technically proficient, enough so to be entirely indispensable to the command, but also personally abrasive and potentially unstable. Halsey's notes on Chell's selection for this post contain the observation:

GLaDOS doesn't require a technically proficient testing partner, nor one with exceptional tactical ability. More than anything else, what's required from the SPARTAN in this position is the ability to just ignore her from time to time. No one is better suited to this responsibility than 149.

SPARTAN-149 and GLaDOS worked together for many years helping the engineers of NAVMATEVALCOM and SPECWARDEVGRU 99 (Project SPARTAN's Applications Division, tasked with developing equipment for the exclusive use of SPARTAN-II personnel) create and perfect the hardware that the other SPARTANs would put to such famous use in the Covenant War, including a number of variants on the MJOLNIR Mk V powered armor and various special weapons. They also participated in a number of special operations during the war, most of which remain classified.

In the waning days of the war, reports reached SPECWARDEVCOM via the Royal Salusian Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) of a new Covenant weapon under development that might prolong, or even reverse the tide of, the war. Details on just what this weapon was or did were very sketchy, but fragmentary Covenant internal communications had been recovered which indicated that the Covenant forces assigned to test it believe it could enable them to bypass Salusian security and even potentially carry the war to the Core Sectors. Initially these reports were discounted, since it was well-known by then that the Covenant were not technological innovators. Any development as radical as this one was purported to be could was considered extremely unlikely.

It's unclear what changed the SPECWARDEVCOM brass's mind, but in June 2175 an operation was hastily laid on to put a SPARTAN infiltrator aboard the Covenant science vessel which SIS believed was the test center for the unknown weapon. Because the mission involved unknown experimental technology, SPARTAN-149 and GLaDOS were dispatched to carry it out. The cruiser HMS Magicienne intercepted the Covenant science vessel Recursive Lament on June 27, 2175, and grappled alongside to allow the SPARTAN to board the enemy vessel.

What happened to Chell and GLaDOS after that point is unknown. At mission elapsed time 01:39.30, without any communications from the infiltration team back to Magicienne, the Recursive Lament broke the grapple and fled into metaspace, where the Salusian warship could not follow (the secrets of metaspace not having been unraveled by Federation scientists until after the war). Since the Recursive Lament was never seen again and no war-winning super-weapon was ever deployed by the Covenant, SPECWARDEVCOM analysts concluded that SPARTAN-149 had accomplished the destruction of the weapon and its development data, but perished in the attempt.

Status: In keeping with the standing RSN policy toward SPARTAN-II casualties, Senior Chief Machinist's Mate Chell-149 remains officially listed MIA, though modern naval authorities acknowledge that she is almost certainly deceased at this point. Her name appears on the Covenant War Memorial Spire at Her Majesty's Naval Base Saluport, Salu II.

End of Text Data Extract
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