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"Decepticon file: KITBASH"

Function: Doctor

"If you don't like my work, fix yourself next time."

Profile: Decepticon medics get a bad rap. In the first place, the very idea of a medically trained Decepticon calls to most minds disturbing images of experimentation and cruelty, not healing, thanks to the examples of warped specimens like the mostly-apocryphal, all-loathsome Flatline. In the second, they've been vanishingly rare for five million years, ever since Megatron realigned his forces to favor airpower and high-mobility shock warfare - as rare and near-mythical as female Decepticons, which were also almost unheard of from that time to the fall of Galvatron.

No one knows this better than Kitbash, who is both female and a physician, and who has been serving, all but unnoticed, among the Decepticons since the time of Scorponok. She's not given to philosophical reflection, though - she's a doctor, not a psychologist - and so the uniqueness of her position in the cosmos is almost entirely lost on her. All she cares about is that the odd attitudes it tends to cause in others make her job harder and thus annoy her. But then, many things about being a Decepticon make her job harder and thus annoy her, and if she were to catalog them all she wouldn't have time to do anything else.

Kitbash learned both of her core skills - medicine and survival - in the Quintesson arenas. She wore the Autobot brand at the start of the Uprising, but when the newly minted Grand Army of the Decepticons linked up with the Autobot resistance to complete the liberation of Iacon, a dashing young army officer called Megatron saw her in action and offered her a place in his regiment. Kitbash accepted readily.

Over the ensuing aeons, she served the Decepticon banner first with pride, then with disillusionment, then with bitter cynicism, and finally with a sort of indifferent resignation, as her role became more and more peripheral and the doings of the Decepticons more and more questionable. She's still not entirely sure how she feels about the return of Megatron and the establishment of his New Order. On the one hand, it's just what she's been hoping for since the wars began. On the other, she's not sure she could take another disappointment.

Abilities: Kitbash is highly skilled in two different forms of Transformer medicine, at first glance incompatible, but in fact highly complementary. On the battlefield, she's a master of the field-expedient repair, using whatever parts and materials come to hand to make her patients' damaged parts more or less work again. Give her a properly equipped hospital and enough time, though, and she's just as adept at building exquisitely crafted custom replacement parts that work as well as or better than the originals they're meant to replace. In this role she's as much a perfectionist as she is devoted to the principle of "good enough for now" in the field - which is to say to a fault. She'll take six months to build a replacement arm actuator if you let her.

No delicate flower, Kitbash is more than capable of defending herself, and her patients, in a battlefield situation. She's an excellent shot with her pair of heavy blaster pistols and she isn't shy about it - "first, do no harm" isn't part of her personal medical ethic - and she's capable of projecting a temporary forcefield to ward off enemy fire while she's working on somebody. She's also equipped with a wide range of medical tools, from laser cutters to cryonic microsealers, and has very sensitive close-range scanners with a full suite of diagnostic modes. Her alternate mode is a high-speed quick-response ground vehicle, built to get her to the front as fast as possible, and her agility in both modes is better than average.

Weaknesses: Kitbash's field repairs don't last forever, but without close supervision, her time to complete a formal workshop repair might. Her vehicle mode is stymied by uneven terrain. Though she's a genuinely dedicated medical professional, her bedside manner is poor.

STR 5 INT 8 SPD 8 RNK 3 END 7 COR 8 FRP 5 SKL 10

[Kitbash is a notional repaint/retool of the Transformers Animated version of Arcee - recolored in surgical green and black where Arcee is pink and white, and with a somewhat more streamlined head.

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