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Conferences Our Witches at War/Gallian Gothic Topic #47
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Nov-22-17, 06:43 PM (EDT)
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"New Witch Profiles, cont'd"
   LAST EDITED ON Nov-22-17 AT 06:44 PM (EST)
Randomly came up with another member of the 511th today.

Fabrizia Anna-Magdalena Russo
Tenente, Armada Veneziana Aviazione Navale
Lieutenant, Venezian Naval Aviation

Nationality: Venezia
Date of Birth: May 2, 1929
Familiar: Piedmontese bull
Striker model: Fiat G.55S Strega
Weapon of choice: Mauser MG 151/20 autocannon

Notes: "Fiasco" Russo earned her nickname during the Battle of Britannia, in an incident that involved a Fliegerhammer rocket launcher, a downed but still active ground attack Neuroi, a petrol station, and the peaceful Dorset village of Tyneham. If you've never heard of Tyneham, that's because there is no longer any such place. All parties involved are bound by the Official Secrets Act not to disclose precisely what happened, but while it is plain to any observer who now passes through the area that the village has been completely destroyed, it appears that no one died in the incident... whatever the incident was.

At any rate, it seems not to have done permanent harm to Russo's career, although even though virtually no one knows exactly what happened, she has never managed to live it down. After the conclusion of the Gallia campaign, her unit returned to mainland Europe to conduct operations in support of the liberations of Venezia and Romagna. Russo distinguished herself sufficiently in that campaign that Colonel Knoke scouted her for her new Joint Fighter Wing the following year.

Fabrizia Russo is possessed of immense physical courage and strength, the latter sufficient to allow her to wield a heavy cannon despite not using a Striker optimized for heavy weapons. She also has tremendous endurance, both physical and magical. On the other hand, she's about as subtle as a Tallboy bomb, both in combat and out, and her fire discipline often leaves something to be desired. One of the few tangible repercussions from the Tyneham Incident, besides the annihilation of Tyneham, is that she is no longer permitted to use rocket launchers.

Yes, she does get a lot of kidding about the fact that her familiar is a bull and most distinctly not a cow. Yes, she's heard the one about. Yes, she's pretty tired of it. And yes, if you keep that up she is going to punch you. Probably quite hard.

Followers of the various gaming threads over the years will recognize Fabrizia as the World Witches version of a character from my old XCOM 2012 game, who once wiped out a Sectoid abduction squad single-handedly with the help of a rocket launcher, a botched shot with same, and a conveniently placed gas station. Guadalajara was never the same after that.

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Nov-23-17, 03:55 PM (EDT)
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1. "RE: New Witch Profiles, cont'd"
In response to message #0
   "In my defense, the blast radius of the rocket was not that big. All the abandoned cars that added to the explosion, however..."

Rock Is Dead. Long Live Paper And Scissors.

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Nov-24-17, 02:26 PM (EDT)
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2. "RE: New Witch Profiles, cont'd"
In response to message #0
   This is serendipity on a grand scale. It could only be better if her familiar was a sheep, but a bull works too.

I bring this up because during one of the Italian Empire's attempted conquests of Ethiopia (specifically the Second Italo-Abyssinian War), the Italian Army marched through the Danakil Desert supported by an aerial supply column. Since the Italian soldiers refused to eat the standard prepackaged rations that came with their kit, and since fresh meat would have spoiled in the desert heat, they had to come up with a solution.

That solution was attaching parachutes to live sheep and bulls and shortly thereafter hurling them out of low-flying aircraft.

I am not making this up.

"She's old, she's lame, she's barren too, // "She's not worth feed or hay, // "But I'll give her this," - he blew smoke at me - // "She was something in her day." -- Garnet Rogers, Small Victory

FiMFiction.net: we might accept blatant porn involving the cast of My Little Pony but as God is my witness we have standards.

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Sep-29-22, 03:18 AM (EDT)
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3. "RE: New Witch Profiles, cont'd"
In response to message #0
Winifreda von Hohenzollern
Oberleutnant, Karlsländische Luftsreitkräfte
First Lieutenant, Karlsland Imperial Air Service

Nationality: Karlsland
Date of birth: Unknown
Familiar: None
Striker model: None
Weapon of choice: Self

Notes: This unit, designated Witch-Type Anomalous Neuroi X-11 by the Allied Office of War Information, is history's first known Neuroi defector. It (she?) is believed to be the same witch-type unit that attempted unsuccessfully to contact the 501st Joint Fighter Wing in 1944 and the 504th in 1945 (Operation Trajanus), despite that unit's apparent destruction in both incidents. Exactly how this can be is not currently known, as full communication has not yet been established, even by the witches X-11 evidently considers friends.

All that is known for certain is that this Neuroi unit, having assumed the physical configuration of a combat witch, has abandoned the invaders' forces and joined the 501st JFW. In that capacity, she has served thus far with distinction, playing important roles in several operations and performing exemplary (but still classified) personal services to the Crown of Karlsland as well.

In recognition of the latter, Kaiser Friedrich IV created a cadet branch of his royal House of Hohenzollern and adopted the Neuroi defector into it. He also commissioned X-11 an officer in the Luftsreitkräfte, a reincarnation of Karlsland's Imperial Air Service from the Great War, which now constitutes an extremely small special flying corps bearing the Kaiser's personal imprimatur. Enrolled under the name "Winifreda von Hohenzollern", she holds the title of Knight of the Order of the Black Eagle, a chivalric order reserved for members of the imperial house and its closest retainer families.

Precisely what X-11/Winifreda (or, as her friends in the 501st universally know her thanks to Yoshika Miyafuji, "Neuroi-chan") makes of all this is unclear, as despite her obvious goodwill and steadfast loyalty to her comrades, she remains silent and largely inscrutable. However, she has altered her outer shell to display the Star of the Black Eagle prominently on her chest, indicating that she does at least understand the honor—and perhaps even appreciates it.

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