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Apr-16-17, 06:44 PM (EDT)
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"Replaying ME2"
   It had been long enough since last time that I'd forgotten a number of things. Unfortunately they were mostly things that I dislike about it, like how tedious the missions are (move 6 feet, hide behind a box, shoot some dudes, move 6 feet...) and how long and tedious the DLC missions are. Lair of the Shadow Broker just goes on and on, and I don't think I've ever even bothered to finish Arrival. And the vehicle ones are even worse! People bitched about how dull it was driving the Mako around in the original game, but I will always maintain that moonsurfing with the Mako has nothing on the anguish of trying to make any progress at all with the Hammerhead.

I mean don't get me wrong, it has its moments—maybe one cycle out of fifty, that hide-behind-a-box, shoot-some-dudes combat mechanic yields some really amusing outcome—but it reminds me that I've always been mostly here for the cutscenes.

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