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Feb-15-16, 06:26 PM (EST)
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"XCOM 2 character pools"
   Hey gang, got some pool characters put together for XCOM 2, just for giggles.

First up: the Jaeger Team, re-creations of my Pacific Rim-based squad from the first game.

Grenadier Irina "Cherno" Kuznetsova (RUS)

Specialist Kazumi "Coyote" Kato (JPN)

Specialist Hiromi "Tacit Ronin" Kato (JPN)

Sharpshooter Ping "Typhoon" Shen (CHN)

Ranger Zoe "Eureka" Walker (AUS)

Ranger Jenny "Gipsy" d'Angers (USA)

Note that evidently, if you put premade characters into the game and they end up dropping as random recruits, the game ignores the specializations you chose for them in the character generator when they get promoted to Squaddie and picks one randomly instead. I find this a bit irksome—why let me set it if you're just going to ignore it?—but it could be that I'm Doing It Wrong.

I've also put together a package of soldiers based on characters from NXE, because why not.

Ranger Asuka "Grendel" Langley (DEU)

Surprisingly close to my mental image, considering she's from a canned character generator in a completely different native art style! Also available with Evangelion 3.33 eyepatch.

Ranger Derek "DJ" Croft (GBR)

Psi Operative Jon "Abaddon" Ellison (USA)

Sharpshooter Rei "Zero" Ayanami (JPN)

(Yeah, I know Rei in NXE is actually an American, but.)

Specialist Shinji "Comeback" Ikari (JPN)

He's slightly terrifying with his dad's beard.

Specialist San "Version 3" Ayanami (JPN)

Grenadier Marina "Nuke" Kirishatova (RUS)

There is naturally no Soviet Union in XCOM 2.

Grenadier Kenneth "K" Stanfield (USA)

Psi Operative Jim "J" Edwards (USA)

Specialist Otto "Kontrol" Keller (DEU)

Just to bring it full circle, Otto was originally a UFO: Enemy Unknown character before he found himself in NXE. :)


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