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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #352
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Jul-14-13, 07:37 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: The hard part"
In response to message #3
   >Well, if you're soliciting suggestions, which I can only assume you
>are since you're musing about this publicly on an open forum with an
>oh-so-tempting reply button, I have some thoughts...

Well, not really, since it's mostly either finished or plotted by now; I was more going for "providing a look into the process". But that's fine!

>In particular,
>Utena and Corwin's pre-wedding jitters probably don't need to be

Indeed, I suspect even they would agree with that, although, for the record, Corwin didn't really have any. Or if he did, they happened in the story before Clarion. He's not really up that tree in Out of the Blue because of wedding jitters, though. He's up there because he's preoccupied with a peculiar feeling of doom (in the older "something is happening" sense).

>Number two is the big one. We didn't GET to the actual ceremony and
>post-ceremony party in Clarion Call. That will be new and exciting, so
>roll with that more than the pre-wedding logistics. For that matter,
>if it were me writing this (disclaimer: I am in no way equipped to
>write this) I might consider not even bothering with a run-up.

Well (as you will hopefully see within the next... hmm, I don't want to jinx myself... The Next While), we did and we didn't. There's a fairly detailed chronicle of the couple of days before the wedding in Try, Try Again, but it's mostly not to do with logistics per se; it's because, in practical terms, that's when the party started. :)

        "I have to say," [REDACTED] teased, "you don't really present the
appearance of a man under pressure."
"Well, yeah," Corwin agreed. "The thing is, Utena and me, we
already -did- most of the -hard- parts. In reverse order, even." He
grinned. "That's kind of been a theme for us right along."

>It's totally okay for stuff to
>just NOT be shown, especially if they feel like they're bloated and
>unnecessary or very "same-y." The crowd control that's taking place
>behind the scenes can remain there unless it's something actually, you
>know, interesting.

Oh, I know, and I'm not planning on showing most of that. A little, to give a flavor for what the people responsible are up against, but it's far from exhaustive. What I was getting at above was that, the way my process works, most of it still has to happen somewhere in my head, and that's a bit fatiguing even if it doesn't come out into the readers' field of view. It's like not being able to remember the second verse of a song without singing the first verse in your head first. I can't be the only one that happens to. Can I? Never mind.

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