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Conferences Our Witches at War/Gallian Gothic Topic #122
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1. "RE: A Scene from GG3/III"
In response to message #0
>"Technically, that is M. Depreux's department, not mine," he said with
>wry good humor, "but it can be arranged." At her look of faint
>surprise—she had been expecting him to demur and require a bit of
>cajoling on the point—he went on with a slightly mischievous look,
>"Your timing is impeccable, Countess. When you see the news, a day or
>two hence, of what our friend Kaiser Friedrich of Karlsland has just
>done in his country, you'll understand."
>"I see," said Remilia, giving no outward sign that she really didn't.
>"Well, I'm pleased we are in agreement. Now, while we have the
>opportunity, let us find the Minister of War and discuss what my
>household can do for the war effort."

Presumably M. le Président and his government are plotting to match Fritz's declaration with altogether abolishing any legal distinction between "man" and "woman".

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