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"(S42) Arena"
   LAST EDITED ON Apr-02-10 AT 01:53 PM (EDT)
16 And so we jump ahead two years... PJM

28 Anaheim Electronics is a tech company in the Gundam universe. Among other things, they built the prototype Gundams seen in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. In UF they mainly make avionics.

55 Now where have I heard that before... ?

76 Airmobile Destroids cannot themselves fly, but are capable of being transported by aircraft (as opposed to dropships, which are spacecraft) and air-dropped into battle. Most Gundams are considered space Destroids, specifically intended for space combat, but there are a few models (like the EZ8) that are set up for airmobile surface combat.

79 Nobody can get a straight answer out of Bandai what the G in the real Mobile Fighter G Gundam stands for either.

125 "Paul is dead" refers to the rather strange rumor that circulated in the late 1960s that Paul McCartney had died and the Beatles' record label wasn't letting it be announced for some improbably nefarious reason, leading the band to hide secret messages in their 1969 album Abbey Road to try and get the tru7h out.

132 Looks like the "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR" tattoo is back in effect. PJM

163 Like I told someone who asked about this on the Forum, there's good psycho and there's bad psycho, and Saionji's freshman-year roommate at NIT was bad psycho.

181 Not the bad "Damn!", the surprised "Damn!"

211 I don't know, when I was designing the Duelists' living situation for early S4, it seemed like the kind of rugged, craftsy thing Utena would be into. I liked the idea that she'd made all of their furniture and stuff.

233 Even accounting for the fact that women can't get married to each other on Tomodachi, this lady was rather out of line; the Co-Prosperity Sphere member states do recognize Zetan marriages, and in Midgard that's where the paperwork got filed.

254 A cousin of the technology that makes a TARDIS bigger inside than out. Void locking is considered one of the key time/space technologies by the Time Lords; a civilization that has figured out void locking is considered at least vaguely advanced.

261 Utena has been poking around real estate listings a bit on the side and has a lead on the house at 1140 Wildwood.

296 The eyepatch is a reference to the announcer character on the real Mobile Fighter G Gundam, who appears in bumper segments.

353 It wasn't big hail...

Must be a Viking thing. PJM

398 TiVo in the 25th century? Sure. As long as there is scheduled broadcast entertainment, there will be TiVo. Hell, the hyper-evolved energy beings that will eventually replace humanity will spend their last day on Earth watching their TiVo, if the Babylon 5 episode "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars" is to be believed.

520 Checking in with Wakaba, presumably.

544 In the Battledrome's environmental control computer, this is known as Urban Post-Apocalyptic 4.

578 Old Exterminator is named for the P-40 flown by Col. Robert L. Scott as a member of the American Volunteer Group in World War II, as named in his seminal air-combat memoir God Is My Co-Pilot (a book both Corwin and Kozue have certainly read many times).

608 It is a rather goofy system, and dangerous, too. Apart from the fact that the pilot's completely unrestrained, the system is apparently so demanding of its operators that an untrained person who accidentally activates a Mobile Trace-equipped vehicle can be killed - crushed to death - by the data film. Who designs these things?

629 Old Exterminator's gray-and-black primer paint scheme is a deliberate nod to all those hot-rod Camaros and Firebirds my high school classmates had.

683 In UF, "BattleMech" and "MechWarrior" are primarily Salusian terms for what most of the rest of the galaxy call Destroids and Destroid pilots. Though the WDF calls the machines themselves Destroids, it did adopt the Salusian term for their pilots (and the custom of affording them slightly higher social status) from its Salusian allies early on.

699 The UF version of the One-Year War, which took place fairly early in the WDF's career as galactic peacemaking force, was indeed a rather sad affair. The Grand Duchy of Zeon had spirit, but not much in the way of useful equipment. Still, it worked out all right in the end.

711 Taken directly from the "Getter Wing" sported by the original-model Getter Robo seen in the first arc of Shin Getter Robo.

740 A detail borrowed from Battletech, in which PPCs, which work on the same pseudoscience principle as Gundam beam cannons, have a minimum range of three hexes. Closer than that, you suffer a to-hit penalty because the beams don't like to focus that close to the source.

760 I had a lot of fun with the over-the-top anime mecha combat imagery in this fight scene. Normally I try to keep things a little more "military sci-fi" style, but what the hell, this is a G Gundam pastiche, for Pete's sake, so I just kicked back and let it all hang out.

776 In wrestling, this maneuver is known as a suplex.

874 Sort of an alien-themed Married... With Children, if you can even bring yourself to envision that.

938 This weapon was an obvious extrapolation, given that the Getter Tomahawk is a signature Getter Robo weapon and the Heat Hawk is perhaps the most distinctive part of the Zaku's arsenal.

1013 Another of the fun source-material convergences that make designing stuff for UF such fun: Getter rays really do that in the Getter Robo universe, and the G-stone-powered mecha in King of Braves Gaogaigar do too. Correlating them in UF was thus all but unavoidable.

1056 Highlander, 1986.

1213 Sometimes, it's the only thing you can say.

1236 No, really. I didn't name the guy.

1256 On Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Crockett has the odd habit of referring to his fellow combatants by their country of origin, so he usually calls Domon "Neo-Japan".

1346 I dunno, a crystal beach sounds kind of uncomfortable to me.

Well, if it was extremely -fine- crystal, with particles the size of sand grains, you could probably get a pretty damn cool light reflection off of it. PJM

1358 Perhaps Utena's 'Personal Revolution' power is rubbing off on Corwin. Who can say? PJM

1400 Damn right she is.

1436 The Six List is one of Skuld's three lists of prospective Lensmen. The number refers to the number of months in which Skuld figures she ought to check back with the candidates and see if they're interested.

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