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Conferences Annotations (Spoiler Warning!) Topic #13
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Dec-19-06, 04:18 PM (EDT)
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1. "RE: Annotations: Arena"
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   LAST EDITED ON Dec-19-06 AT 04:18 PM (EST)
>163 Like I told someone who asked about this on the Forum, there's good psycho and there's bad psycho, and Saionji's freshman-year roommate at NIT was bad psycho.

I fear to imagine what kind of person could be sufficiently psycho to give Saionji a hard time. He didn't bunk with Dilandau Albatou did he?

>608 It is a rather goofy system, and dangerous, too. Apart from the fact that the pilot's completely unrestrained, the system is apparently so demanding of its operators that an untrained person who accidentally activates a Mobile Trace-equipped vehicle can be killed - crushed to death - by the data film. Who designs these things?

Clearly someone who likes to see people in snug, snug plastic.. Though I still cannot fathom why Allenby's has a BOW on it. (Of course.. so did her Gundam..)

- Berk Watkins
Student of Quantum Bogodynamics

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