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Conferences Annotations (Spoiler Warning!) Topic #13
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Apr-04-10, 12:45 PM (EDT)
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4. "RE: (S42) Arena"
In response to message #0

>79 Nobody can get a straight answer out of Bandai what the G in
>the real Mobile Fighter G Gundam stands for either.

If you can't get a straight answer, then the "G" must stand for "Gay".

>233 Even accounting for the fact that women can't get married
>to each other on Tomodachi, this lady was rather out of line; the
>Co-Prosperity Sphere member states do recognize Zetan marriages, and
>in Midgard that's where the paperwork got filed.

Sadly, these kinds of people wouldn't consider Anthy and Utena "really married", even if Tomodachi did have same-sex marriage. After all, it's not as if there's any logical reasoning behind that sort of attitude.

>874 Sort of an alien-themed Married... With Children, if
>you can even bring yourself to envision that.

Hey, to most sentients in the universe, "Married... With Children" is alien-themed. And that includes a lot of humans.

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