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Bad Moon Again
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Nov-30-19, 06:29 PM (EDT)
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6. "RE: Monsters (Pocket)"
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   LAST EDITED ON Nov-30-19 AT 06:33 PM (EST)
If you are looking for a time sink to have in the background, Barry/Harry and Lydia of the Yogscast just finished a (partial) Nuzlocke run through Pokémon Fire Red (a Gameboy advance version of the original Pokémon Red). If you haven't heard of a Nuzlocke, it's a self imposed set of rules to make Pokémon's harder since especially the newer ones aren't very difficult being made for kids.

Common Nuzlocke rules are you have to name every pokemon you have, you are limited in some way to the amount you can catch in any zone sometimes even to just the first one you fight and if you kill it tough shit that's the only shot you get. Last and probably most significant is if your pokemon faints that's it they are dead and you can't use them anymore. Yes even your starter which you nurtured into a unstoppable engine of death can die and set you back dozens of hours cuz you don't have a leveled fire type anymore.

Harry/Barry and Lydia both haven't played this version since they were kids and they constantly forget what types are good against others and what level/type trainer encounters are. So when they mess up, and it's the Yogscast fucking up in real time is kinda their schtick, things can go south real fast. Team wipe fast. And when they ask Twitch Chat... well Twitch Chat is an unreliable source at the best of times. Every time one of their pokemon dies, they put it in a box labeled the Death Box so they can look at their failures and lament. Let's just say the Death Box has a substantial list by the end of the run.

Here's the playlist if you want to give it a look. I found it worth it for watching grown ass adults wail "MY BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY" in genuine pain as they send their kid's virtual dog fighting simulator pets to their doom.

-Bad Moon

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