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Conferences Our Witches at War/Gallian Gothic Topic #34
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18. "RE: New Tricks"
In response to message #11
   >the 'force teaching' change
>seems the most pronounced as initially it would be the most obvious.
>How many retired combat witches would, like Mio, jump at the chance to
>return to the fight they were forced to quit? considering the state of
>the war id wager a fair number.(i know this is addressed to a degree
>in the post i am replying to but it does represent a significant shift
>in their universe, also noted in the post)

Thing is, you're talking about Mio Sakamoto, a woman who is a warrior through and through. She has time and again gone to extreme lengths to avoid being sidelined and being stuck in a classroom to help witches who are either nearing or have already reached the point where their powers have failed them would simply not fly (no pun intended). She might even be willing to court open insubordination just to avoid being taken away from the fight. No, the only way I could see it working is if she successfully passed on what she's learned to another witch who would then take her place as teacher.

>the other change is her mindreading goggles ... it is obvious from the
>series that hard core tech is pushed and not always in Good
>Directions, her goggles represent the equivalent of an 'aliens crashed
>in the desert and we learned how to do Cool Things from the wreckage'
>event. If ordered by a higher-up-the-chain commander under the premise
>that it could give the war effort the edge needed to win would Mio
>refuse to hand over her Advance Eye Wear because of previous
>experiences with science pushed in Dangerous Directions or would she
>understand that such revolutionary tech could be as game-changing as
>the Magic Engine itself was? she herself might not understand the full
>impact of 'mind control hardware' but there are those who would and
>not all of them are 'friendly' towards witches.

I'm reminded of a scene from a book in the Axis of Time trilogy by John Birmingham. The books dealt with an international naval taskforce from 2021 ending up in 1942, on the cusp of the Battle of Midway. While the Allies get the bulk of the ships and thus advanced tech, the Axis powers each get a ship from the future to tear apart. The scene in question involved an engineer being called before Himmler to be set on the task of reverse-engineering the tech they've acquired.

The engineer notes that, despite his superior's belief, reverse-engineering is not as simple as taking something apart to see what makes it tick. He uses a "flexipad," an equivalent of an iPad, to explain the difficulty of the task. Just the casing of the device represents decades of research and development, something that Germany of 1942 couldn't hope to duplicate just from studying it. They could learn from it, whether through study of it or from the data stored on it, and improve what they have, but it would be decades before they could hope to replicate it.

CdrMike, Overwatch Reject

"You know, the world could always use more heroes." - Tracer, Overwatch

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