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Subject: "Correspondence II: 2390-2399 (v2)"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Conferences Mini-Stories Topic #85
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Mar-25-10, 10:25 AM (EST)
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20. "RE: Correspondence II: 2390-2399 (v2)"
In response to message #19
   LAST EDITED ON Mar-25-10 AT 10:27 AM (EDT)
>"P.S. Chikktika says thank you as well."
>Y'know, on the one hand, this could just be a charming little girl
>inserting the opinion of her camera drone, much like I might have
>inserted the opinion of my teddy bear at a young age.
>One the other hand, a trip to New Avalon means she probably also meant
>that she got to see Corwin's workshop, and if the two of them got to
>tinkering...oh, dear.

"P.S. Chikktika says BEWARE, I LIVE."

I can neither confirm nor deny that this specific thing took place (bearing in mind that if it did, and someone found out about it later, bringing such a thing back to the Flotilla is an exilable offense), and I don't know offhand how extensive a workshop Corwin had in New Avalon at the age of eight, but it's a given that he had something of one by then, and he certainly would have shown it to a technically-minded guest. In fact, I think it's fair to say that he knew within a few minutes of meeting Tali'Zorah that they were destined to be buddies for life, even though (as with his father and her grandmother) they hardly ever actually see each other.

At the very least, it's reasonably safe to assume that that's when Chikktika became a combat drone. We already have Corwin's attitude toward personal robotic defenses on record. :)

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