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39. "RE: BPGD: CVS-101"
In response to message #36
   >Well, see, this is why I don't do anything like hard military SF (or,
>really, hard anything SF). This is why starship fights in UF tend to
>come off like World War I battleship slugfests in outer space, or at
>the most modern, WWII fleet engagements. Because that right there,
>that you just described? Even if it could be made interesting to
>read, it's be dead boring to write.

>I don't want my space battle scenes to be like that to read or
>to write, and that's why - and I don't mind admitting it - I
>deliberately eschew realism in that area. :)

That's a perfectly understandable and reasonable attitude. There are very few authors who can pull off modern-style long-distance, wait-it-out naval combat. The only ones I can think of off the top of my head are Elizabeth Moon and David Weber, and even their battle scenes sometimes don't come out as exciting as all that, sometimes. Your battle scenes, be they naval or otherwise, come off quite well.

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