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Sep-19-19, 01:21 AM (EDT)
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11. "RE: ... yeah"
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   UPDATE: A week of getting worse while on doxycycline suggested to my primary care PA that the infection was not, after all, staph (which doxycycline is good at killing), and the ER confirmed that it was in fact strep (which doxycycline is not much good at killing). They put me on clindamycin, which is a harsh mistress, but good at killing strep, and after a week of that the infection finally seems to be receding. We think, we hope, that we managed to catch it before it got into the underlying tissues, even with the lag time of getting the right drug dialed in.

Meanwhile, the blisters briefly developed into something that attracted the attention of the wound care clinic, which is never a good start, but the clindamycin seems to have pulled matters up in time for them to decide it wasn't quite worth going in there after. Instead, they referred me to an orthopedic surgeon, whom I saw today.

He confirmed that the infection appears to be resolving, and underneath it, I've basically done exactly enough damage to the knee that there is nothing surgical intervention can do to improve the situation. Which is good, except since it doesn't need surgery, it's just going to have Get Better On Its Own, whch means I can expect it to remain fucked for three to six more weeks at least. Or possibly the rest of the year. Who can say?

So, I mean, it could be a lot worse, I could be an inpatient getting huge doses of IV antibiotics for osteomyelitis. Instead, I get to gimp around for another month or two with a knee that is covered in what, to the uninformed layperson, looks like badly healing third-degree burns, and which is Basically OK except that it hurts to put weight on.

Shorts weather is ending, too, which at least means Members of the Public won't have to look at it for much longer, but I'm not looking forward to having to put the dang thing into pants, I'll tell you that for nothin'.

At least my recliner arrived last week, so I have someplace I can sit with it raised up and use my laptop. I might actually start getting some academic work done some week soon!


Oh, yes, and I'm also on a pain medication that carries a risk of addiction (albeit not, I believe, an opiate-level risk). So that'll be fun when I run out of it; either I'll discover I'm hooked (not looking forward to finding out how you make this determination, if it happens), or I won't be able to get any more to Prevent Abuse, but my knee will still hurt.

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