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Oct-24-19, 02:27 AM (EDT)
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28. "RE: oh, fuck's sake"
In response to message #27
   >Given these complications... are you sure that this hasn't caused
>these last month or two to 'rank up' as far as where they landed in
>the 'really sucky months' list? cause if not... All I can do is sit
>here open mouthed in shock of how sucky your life has gotten over the

Well, I mean, I'm still pretty sure it's below the time they screwed up my cancer surgery and I coded four times on the operating table. Admittedly I kind of wasn't there for that, whereas I haven't missed a moment of the knee thing, but the six or eight weeks after said botched operation weren't a hell of a lot of fun either, I can assure you.

I'm kind of on the fence about whether it's been worse than the Great Brain Adventure of 2007. That didn't hurt, per se (except when they did the spinal tap, boy howdy), but it was freaky and scary and led, two years later, to an MS diagnosis. Plus the recovery phase lasted for months.

Just realized I haven't updated y'all in a while. I had my first session with the physical therapy people today. The sprain is much improved, and they think most of my remaining pain is from internal swelling (from soft tissue damage that hasn't healed yet) and all the bed rest having made the muscles weak, rather than the connective tissue, which appears to be sound again. The infection seems to have cleared at last, but it's left behind some nasty wounds where the blisters were, and I'm seeing the wound care clinic up at the hospital about that tomorrow.

Hilariously, the amount of money I'm making on unemployment makes me ineligible for the state's Medicaid extension and only qualifies me for a 50% discount from the hospital itself, which means I now owe them somewhere in the neighborhood of $4,000 (and that's before today's PT session, tomorrow's wound care visit, and whatever follow-ups both of those courses of care entail). By any numerical measure, I would be better off if I wasn't collecting unemployment.

And no, I haven't gotten a damn thing done on my thesis so far, with the semester more than half gone.

So upon further review, maybe it is worse than the cancer thing. I mean, that was a tougher physical and mental ordeal, for sure (I sort of died a bunch at one point during that), but it didn't fuck up my life nearly as much on an ongoing basis, thanks to various surrounding factors (like the fact that I did qualify for MaineCare when that happened).


And they're probably going to debride my knee tomorrow, which has nothing to do with brides and everything to do with hurting.

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