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Nov-19-17, 04:33 AM (EST)
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"Yet More XCOM 2¾"
   I got my first WotC campaign to the second half of the final mission, and then we had some windy weather and unstable power, and I wasn't able to play on my desktop system for a couple of days. In the meantime I started another campaign on my laptop, starting with a similar but somewhat modified character pool and a slightly different set of opening conditions. For instance, I left the tutorial missions for the Resistance factions and Shen's Last Gift turned off, which meant I was able to use custom Reaper and Skirmisher squaddies instead of the stock ones, and also that I had a SPARK available as soon as the Proving Ground was completed.

It's been interesting, and in many ways hilarious.

(Yes, I used the Y2K joke in a City of Villains character, but I don't care. Y2K-noncompliant vintage super robots are never not going to be funny to me.)

As his bio suggests, Gunny ERM-E uses the Mr. Gutsy voice from Fallout 3. "HOOAH! There's nothing I love better than making some Commie bastard die for his country!"

He has the ability the game calls Strike, but which should clearly have been called SUPER ROBOT PUNCH, just like that, bold, in all caps. He has, to date, used it to dispatch all three Chosen in street missions.

The Assassin, in particular, had a real bad time with robots in this playthrough. She had the Mechlord ability, which enables the discerning Chosen to summon Advent MECs (robot troopers, their equivalent of a SPARK) for backup. The first time she appeared—which was naturally during a supply crate mission in a Lost-infested city, because the Chosen love to show up during those—she used it.

Specialist Ayanami hacked it.

And then murdered her with it.

The next time she dropped by, she didn't use Mechlord. I'm sure that was just the whim of the RNG, but I prefer to believe she learned something from the previous time.

Not that it helped, because Unit ERM-E was on that mission. SPARKs have a cooldown ability called Overdrive, which enables them to take three actions in a turn instead of the usual two. In the turn where the Assassin stopped prancing around in stealth and actually deigned to do something, she appeared on the other side of a small parking lot from where ERM-E was, and the following deeply satisfying chain of events took place:

(engages Overdrive; shoots ASSASSIN for about half her health)

Bah! I do not fear your toys!

(runs across the parking lot and SUPER ROBOT PUNCHes ASSASSIN clean through a wall*)

O, I die, Commander. The potent SUPER ROBOT PUNCH quite o'ercrows my spirit. I cannot live to hear the news from Sector 14: Western European Zone. But I do prophesy the election lights on the Elders; they have my dying voice; so tell them, with the occurrents, more or less, which have solicited. The rest is silence.**
(teleports away)

Welp. I guess you should have maybe feared my toys.

* To be fair, the wall already had a hole in it, as this was a ruined city map. What was left of her totally flew through it, though.

** Not her exact words. The Chosen do like to talk about as much as any given Shakespeare protagonist, though.

Since then, Unit ERM-E has established a... well, let's call it a pattern. And that pattern is that if he's on a mission where the Chosen appear, be it a street mission or one of the actual Chosen Stronghold assaults (of which this campaign's squad has so far done two), the stars must align so that he finishes the job with SUPER ROBOT PUNCH.

For bonus amusement, he actually SUPER ROBOT PUNCHed the Warlock to death as the Warlock was ranting about all the terrible things he was going to do to our Templar for having had the temerity to kill the ADVENT Priest he'd summoned for backup.

R. Lee ERM-E does not have time for anyone's macho posturing other than his own. :)

We haven't done the Hunter yet. Soon. Soon.

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