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Conferences Our Witches at War/Gallian Gothic Topic #26
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Feb-10-15, 08:23 PM (EDT)
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20. "RE: OWaW 04"
In response to message #18
   >Indeed. I suppose what I was getting at is it seems as so the girls
>haven't quite internalized how -much- experience he has. Mio, of
>course, knows him better now. She might have more of an idea, but
>would keep it to herself.

It might be interesting if someone were to ask him sometime, because when you get right down to it, he doesn't really know exactly how old he is any longer. He reckons his age against the anniversary of his birth on the timeline he's native to, so that, for instance (as we saw in Night of the Kissogram!), he marked his 438th birthday in June of 2411 - but given the cumulative effects of both time and dimensional travel, that's only remotely accurate.

For example, he spent longer in the Split Infinitive universe than he was gone for, and one expects he was not missing from his "regular" life for the better part of a year despite having spent that long in 1943. He's closer to 500 - probably quite a bit closer - but he himself has only a vague idea how much closer. If he sat down with a legal pad and a Sharpie for a little while he could probably work it out to within a month or so, but he could never be exact.

>Oh, of course. I think I was making a bad assumption, that Reichenberg
>knew the Warlock was from a parallel dimension. But of course that's
>ridiculous, very few people should know that. And certainly not him.

Indeed. Not many people outside the 501st even know he was real, let alone what the actual deal was. Eleanor, obviously. Possibly Wilma Bishop (G said he doesn't know her biblically to save Lynne's sensibilities and because as far as he knows it's true, but anyone who has read Volume 1 of One-Winged Witches will be able to make an educated guess as to why he cannot be 100% certain about that himself :), and mmmaaaaybe General Adolfine Galland (ranking Karlslandic witch in Europe at the time). But that's basically it. Wilhelm von Reichenberg would definitely have had no Need to Know, particularly since he wasn't even peripherally involved with witch operations in Britannia in 1943.

>>(They also assume that she's harmless and incapable of aggression,
>>which is a slightly daft thing to assume of a witch whose familiar is
>>a badger. :)
>Precisely what I was thinking about. =) I remembered the discussion of
>her familiar in another thread. Then again, Reichenberg probably
>doesn't know that--he has access to the information I'm sure, but if
>there's anyone who might ignore witch-related details on principle...

He probably knows - he'll have read her personnel file - but considers witch-familiar behavior-stereotype correlations spurious and folkloric. (Which, in fairness to him, they sometimes are. Her penchant for speed notwithstanding, for instance, Shirley Yeager is not very rabbit-like.)

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