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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #3
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Oct-08-16, 06:31 PM (EDT)
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20. "RE: As an aside,"
In response to message #11
   LAST EDITED ON Oct-08-16 AT 06:32 PM (EDT)
>if there are any actual Russian-speakers out there, I'm really, really sorry about my pronunciation of the Orussian lines in the audio version.

Now, while this isn't my main reason to register here, it's one of secondary ones.

The Russian lines is... an atrocity of machine translation that I feel compelled to fix (or at least propose one)

"Выпей со мной, Ороссийская, за вечную вражду между нашими странами"
"За ненависть, Полечка"
"За красивых женщин"

Two important notes: Ороссийская sounds grating and may be grammatically incorrect. It means "female thing that's owned by Orussia", e.g Ороссийская территория - Orussian territory. Орусиянка is a more appropriate word for female person of ethical Orussian origin, and Орусская - with origin from Orussian empire.

Witolda's designation is even more of a mess. There's two possible designations for female from Poland - "Полька" and "Полячка". One is homonym for a dance, another is a bit outdated and may be contemptuous. Diminutive form of first I used in changed response, diminutive form for second one is "Полячечка" and it is indeed very contemptuous, and beyond patronizing. "Полечка" and "Полячка" are spoken a bit differently, one with soft L, another with hard-ish.

On this note, stirrings of my inner dead linguist are over. Thank you for attention.

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