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The Traitor
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Nov-29-23, 05:54 PM (EDT)
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33. "RE: A Realization"
In response to message #32
   It does have that "Which one of you bastards spilled my fucking pint?" energy that Syd in particular channelled so well.

Also, I can't remember if you commented on it at the time, but there are new games in the Pokey Mans series on the Switch. It is set in Not Spain, and I think you would adore Nemona. She has that Eyrie Teen Energy, and is absolutely ob-fucking-sessed with Pokémon battles (despite not being that good), and is just adorable and precious. As is Penny, who has the most "We couldn't explicitly sat she's a trans girl but she just is" vibes ever and has a full team of Eeveelutions. There is a fish that looks like sashimi that can pilot a big whale thing like a mech. The Fire starter evolves into a chubby crocodile lounge singer. There is an olive with an anxiety disorder. There is an earthworm the length of a small car. There is a sentient lawn flamingo. There are two different Big Stupid Slobbery Dogs, one of which is a zombie.

And then there is Rika.

Rika is a butch lesbian from an 80s anime series who got lost on the way to her girlfriend's house and accidentally wound up in a Pokémon game. She is an angular woman in a smart shirt and nice trousers and a fancy necktie. When you take a little quiz to see if you're ready to take on the Elite Four of the Paldea region, she puts on reading glasses that just make her look even lesbianerer. Her favourite Pokémon in the whole entire world is her Clodsire, who is the most round, squishy, huggable, gormless, Friend Shaped Pokémon ever. I think you'd like her, is my point here.

The game is notorious for graphical... issues, let's call them, and I agree that the thing needed a lot more polish before it came out. But I think the designs of the new clutch of monsters, including Plot Shenanigans Related versions of other Pokémon from previous games, genuinely makes up for it. Mostly. I think it's worth a look.

"She's old, she's lame, she's barren too, // "She's not worth feed or hay, // "But I'll give her this," - he blew smoke at me - // "She was something in her day." -- Garnet Rogers, Small Victory

FiMFiction.net: we might accept blatant porn involving the cast of My Little Pony but as God is my witness we have standards.

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